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Business Transformation By Design

Business design is a plan or drawing or a model produced to show an organisation's look and function or workings before it set up. The purpose of Modern Business is to help companies reinvent and succeed in their existing businesses despite the disruptions such as new competitive products, new technologies and other factors like COVID-19.

Business Transformation By Design2021-08-15T09:57:43+10:00

Why do organisations need to modernise now?

Digital technology has transformed the way we live and continue to do so year after year. Companies must start to modernise now or will become extinct soon. In this blog, we explain three reasons why we believe established organisations and start-ups need to modernise now.

Why do organisations need to modernise now?2021-08-15T10:00:06+10:00

Game of Growth

The Game of Growth is a coaching program developed in a game-like manner to learn and adapt your business to embrace new and innovative ways of doing business to stay relevant within your market place. Program starting soon - Apply here.

Game of Growth2021-05-26T12:05:14+10:00

The story behind the Modern Business Logo

Music brings us together in celebration Symbol of our purpose The modern business logo symbolises the purpose of products and services

The story behind the Modern Business Logo2021-04-29T17:23:21+10:00

Think, Invent, Innovate, and Profit more.

Thinking is all about developing an intimate understanding of the customer wants and needs. Inventing is about using creative thoughts and ideas to create new and innovative products and services that do not exist now. Innovation is about developing a competitive internal value chain.

Think, Invent, Innovate, and Profit more.2021-04-26T14:21:02+10:00

Four ways to grow your business without overwhelm and confusion.

This article describes four types of growth available to most businesses and explains the frame of thinking behind each growth type. Getting clarity of your chosen growth path/s will help reduce overwhelm and confusion.

Four ways to grow your business without overwhelm and confusion.2021-04-26T08:21:50+10:00
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