What we do

Before we explain the logo, let us explain the modern business’s mission in the context of what we do.

Our mission is to help companies grow to the next level despite the disruption they face due to outside forces or internal issues.

In business terms, we help you formulate a strategy, show you tactics to implement your system, and help with the actual implementation if required.

Modern business is building a community of leaders to transform companies through disruptive situations by collaborating and sharing experiences and providing training and business coaching.
The community aims to give all the successes every company deserve.

Types of improvements

Our work consists of developing strategy, tactics and implementation support to assist companies to grow.

There are two ways in which growth happens. The most common way is through continuous tweaks to improve processes and products, and generally, these tend to be small projects, yet many small projects accumulate to massive growth.

The second type of improvement is through innovative projects. Innovative projects change products and processes and ideally give a massive advantage, leading to the company’s significant growth.

The critical point is that both continuous and innovative types of improvement tend to differentiate companies from their competitors in one or many ways. Which kind of improvement fits a company will depend on the unique situation of individual companies.

Concentric circles.

Two concentric circles are a graphical representation of two types of oceans: red and blue. Red and blue seas represent how companies are positioned in their respective marketplaces, as explained in the section below.

The logo represents moving companies from red to blue oceans by focusing on growth projects in a nutshell.

Red & Blue Ocean

Professors Kim and Mauborgne coined the words red and blue ocean in their book titled blue ocean strategy.

Red oceans are all the industries in existence now and include the known market space, where industry boundaries are well defined. In this market, the tricks of the trade are known to most participants. Therefore, to outperform their rivals to grab a more significant share of the existing market, companies become highly competitive. It consists of cutthroat competition that turns the ocean bloody red; therefore, it is called ‘red’ oceans.

Blue oceans denote all the industries not in existence today – the unknown market space and processes, unexplored and untainted by competition. Like the ‘blue’ ocean, the new market is vast, deep and powerful in opportunity and profitable growth.

The red concentric circles in our logo represent the red ocean.
The blue concentric circle repents the blue ocean business environment that is vast, deep and powerful in terms of opportunity and profitable growth.

Moving Businesses from Red to Blue-Ocean

In summary, our company mission is to move you from the red ocean environment and help you get to the blue ocean so that you can grow and thrive at the next level and beyond.

For the back story of our logo design, click this link.