Business Transformation By Design

Business modernisation despite the disruptions.

Business design is a plan or drawing or a model produced to show an organisation’s look and function or workings before it set up.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like – Design is how it works.” –  Steve Jobs.

We have been working to create modern business for some time.

The purpose of Modern Business is to help companies reinvent and succeed in their existing businesses despite the disruptions such as new competitive products, new technologies and other factors like COVID-19.

We are here to improve the companies’ design to optimise current and future performance by changing how they do – What they do. Hence we called our business “modern business”.

Effectively we coach you on how to design a business, and we aim to make the process of modernising business as easy and fun as possible.

Design matter

Effectively we coach you on how to design a business, and we aim to make the process of modernising business as easy and fun as possible.

People with the ability to design have created new industries, changing industries and revolutionised the way we live by creating new technology, new health systems, and affected world politics, world trade, and the list go on.

A point of View expressed in the IIT Institute of Design report; a good design consists of the following characteristics.

  1. ADAPTABLE: ADAPTS to the needs of users
  2. EQUITABLE: ADDRESSES environmental and societal issues
  3. USABLE: PERFORMS well and brings delight
  4. IMPACTFUL: DEMONSTRATES impacts through adoption, scale or growth

For more details, watch the video below to understand why the design of the business matter.

Why you need a business design methodology?

We believe more new designs will drive the new era of successful businesses because the world has already changed in recent times and continuing to change day by day. It has changed the way we live, and our needs as a customer. So companies must change their offers to match their customer’s new needs or face the consequences.

So every business needs a systematic method to create a simple process to modernise their existing business. Such methodology requires a combination of proven techniques and the ability to vet, adapt and adopt new technologies and a new way of doing business fast. So that is what we have done with our “modern business” and created a business success navigator program and a community to help those companies aspiring to improve their company performance by design.

The purpose of modern business

The purpose of modern business is a systematic methodology to improve the performance of companies by design.

For example, look at companies like Netflix, Google, Apple and Etsy. They deliver incredible value by offering and helping many other creators and companies get their creations to the marketplace. Customers get better value and experiences.

So in the future, that businesses will survive by not just mimicking other companies but by doing extraordinary innovations that are customer-centric.

The design of the businesses has a direct relationship to the bottom line. When the relationship between the business design and the bottom line is clear to the business owner, entrepreneur and the creator and the people working for them and working with them, that is when a company will get a high performing organisation that will “knock their competitors out of the park.”

When companies become high performing, they will outperform competitors, deliver incredible customer experience and change the way they interact with the world.

We are living in a world where products are becoming less and less important to people. Instead, we value better service and the experience we get from a product.

For example, one only needs to look at how the car industry has been changing over time from the past few decades. And today, we have Uber with an individual sharing their vehicle for their transportation, and perhaps in not so distant future driverless cars serving the surface transportation needs of individuals.


So, in a nutshell, with the modern business, we coach and train using our proprietary blueprint to transform companies to achieve high performance systematically.

Are you ready to redesign your business?

Our services help businesses and organisations modernise their value chain and assist in growing their businesses.

We provide training and coaching to owners, business managers, and management consultants who want to take their company or their client’s company to the next level.

Our business navigator program will assist both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations grow their business to the next level fast.

Suppose you are looking for ideas to grow your company; we welcome you to participate in our weekly bite-sized training sessions or join our membership site and take advantage of the offers while it is available for free.

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So if you are interested in redesigning your company to achieve higher performance and continue to stay relevant in the marketplace despite disruptions –  get in touch with us today.

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