Our Purpose

We grow small to medium-sized businesses to the next level.

We do this by applying our proprietary methodology, which we call “Modern Business Blueprint”.

Modern Business is a brainchild of Ashok Kanagarajah. Ashok is the principal mentor in the team, and his bio is available below. After completing large projects for major corporations and leading consulting firms, he faced challenges when he turned his attention to helping small businesses and developing his consulting firm.

The modern business blueprint is a combination of intelligence Ashok created using his experience in assisting large organisations and studying the proven open-source techniques and successful businesses and their secrets to success.

The modern business blueprint consists of 10 foundation steps to grow any company to the next level. Each stage has many nuances to fit the uniqueness of each company.

Modern business is building a community of leaders to transform companies through disruptive situations by collaborating and sharing experiences and providing training and business coaching.
The community aims to give all the successes every company deserve.

Team Structure


Assigned Mentors

Our mentors are professionals and seasoned consultants with vast experience and thought leaders who are successful in niches from different backgrounds. Our mentors also would have gone through certifications from leading universities or other leading consulting firms. If they do not meet these criteria, they will be working closely with the principal mentor to assist you.


Support Staff

Our membership experience team is responsible for handling the on-boarding, on-going, and graduation experiences.

The membership experience staff’s role is to guarantee all our members have the materials they need to succeed and resolve any issues our students might have.

Ashok Kanagarajah

Principal Mentor

As the author for the program and lead mentor, Ashok is always present in the live edition to interact with members, challenge them, answer questions, and help the team ensure that our members receive excellent experience while striving towards their growth ambitions. He is also in charge of reviewing membership processes and educational programs. Check his Bio below.

Architected and Designed by:

Ashok Kanagarajah
Engineer, Solution Architect, Developer and an Entrepreneur.

Ashok is a systems engineer and a business consultant who has many years of work experience. He has predominantly worked for major companies and led many projects involving research and development.

Ashok has been responsible for architecting solutions and implementations that have lead to many folds of return on investments for his clients. Industries he worked with includes industrial, retail, consumer goods and healthcare sectors. Since graduating as an engineer nearly 30 years ago, he has seen and adapted new and innovative technologies to his clients’ and employers’ benefits successfully many times as part of his work.

Modern business blueprint is Ashok’s current initiative combining new and innovative and proven technologies to help companies implement growth systematically and methodically.