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People who work from home worry about staying relevant amongst their peers and stakeholders.

When working from home, the risk is that your contributions fade into the background, and the task you do may become irrelevant.

So, to minimise this risk, you need to be visible and ensure that all stakeholders value your contributions in an ongoing manner. In a recent article, Dori Clark outlines four ways to stay relevant when working from home.

The four ways to stay relevant when working from home are:
1) Recognise and guard against the negative assumptions that can come with remote work.
2) Fight against the pull toward transactional relationships.
3) Make yourself physically visible. e.g. Keep your camera on when possible
4) Ensure you work with others with ease.

The attached mind map gives more details and includes tactics and practical suggestions to overcome unwanted perceptions.
You can download the mind map here.

Tips provided are helpful information for those working from home or those who work with remote staff.

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